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Wittenberg in the year 1546, the year of Luther's death

Georg Spalatin (1484-1545), from L. Cranach's portrait. Spalatin served as the secretary of Frederick the Wise; as such he was a very important point man in the early days of the Reformation. He was also a long and dear friend of Luther's. He later became a Pastor.
Johann Bugenhagen (1485-1558), from a picture by L. Cranach in his album, 1543. Bugenhagen was the Pastor of the Wittenberg Church from 1523-58 and was Luther's Pastor, Confessor, and dear friend. He officiated on Luther's wedding day. He is known as the great organizer of the Lutheran Church. He introduced the Reformation to Hamburg, Brunswick, Luebeck, and Lower Saxony, as well as Pomerania, and Denmark. He also preached at Luther's funeral.
Justus Jonas (1493-1555), from a portrait by L. Cranach, in his album, 1543. An important co-reformer with Luther, fellow faculty member at U. of Wittenberg, and a friend
Nikolaus von Amsdorf (1483-1565). Major reformer and friend of Luther's. Also a member of the U. of Wittenberg faculty. Traveled to Leipzig (1519) and Worms (1521) with Luther. Brought the Gospel to many German cities. The elector appointed him as the bishop of Naumburg-Zeitz in 1542.